Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

News in progress: Papierhersteller reagieren auf Artikel in ScienceNews

Nach dem Artikel von Janet Raloff, scheinen bei Produzenten und Grossisten die Alarmglocken geschellt zu haben. Ritemade, ein Händler, publiziert Briefe und Dokumente der Thermopapier-Hersteller und der Ritemade-CEO schreibt im Begleitbrief:
A recent article published in an on-line web magazine has generated interest in BPA (Bisphenol-A) as it relates to thermal paper used for POS receipt tape. BPA or a similar agent, BPS is used by all mills to make thermal paper. BPA is an organic compound that has been used commercially for nearly a century. It is an important building block of several important plastics and plastic additives.
Many years ago someone noticed that there were certain similarities between the chemical structure of BPA and estrogen. Due to this similarity the question was raised as to whether BPA might pose risks similar to estrogen if absorbed through the skin or ingested in some manner. There is no scientific evidence that BPA poses such a risk.
Hersteller und Branchenverband schreiben z.B. (Hier als backup ein Ersatzlink, falls das Dokument unter seiner ursprünglichen Adresse bei plötzlich nicht mehr erreichbar sein sollte - dito für die "Safety Sheets" der Thermopapiere: Original, backup):
Koehler: All studies have proven that the Koehler paper examined is non-hazardous, non-irritant and non-sensitizing.
European Thermo Paper Association (c/o AC-Fiduciaire SA. Tödistrasse 47, P.O. Box 1507, CH-8027 Zürich): All the scientific results so far - on an international, European as well as national level - nevertheless allow for one final conclusion only: BPA has to be classified as harmless with respect to human health as well as the environment.
Eine klare Aussage. Soviel steht fest...

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